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Dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Edsel automobile.  The club, with members all walks of life all over the world, is a resource for the Edsel enthusiast - from our local chapters and home-town events to national publications and annual Edsel convention.  The EOC offers a source of parts, advice, and history to keep your Edsel on the road for years to come!

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Keystone Chapter and Their Edsels at 2014 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Some of the members of the Keystone Chapter represented Edsel Owners at this year's Carlisle Ford nationals June 6 - 8th. While this year's theme was 50th anniversary of the Mustang (and there were SO MANY Mustangs), a select group of invitation only Ford powered vehicles were on display at the front of the fairgrounds. Among those selected was a '58 Edsel Corsair owned by Ken Dye. Ken's car is called "Sputnik", with a scheduled built date on October 4, 1957, the day the Russians entered the space age ahead of the US. Some commentators cite psychological shock of the Sputnik launch as a precipitating factor for that other "great recession", of 1957/58, that drove car buyers out of the market or towards smaller cars contributing to the Edsel's untimely demise. Ken has a very nice looking car that is undergoing a rolling restoration. Currently he is waiting for door panels from SMS (and he may be waiting a long time given SMS' reputation) and vent window seals from a vendor in Florida. The seats, paint and much of the other work has already been done.

Dye Corsair corsair plaque

Meanwhile, back on the show field a little ways east of the grandstands the Keystone chapter had an additional 4 cars and a seating area for members and visitors. There were three body styles of junior series 1958s represented (convertible, hardtop, wagon) plus a 60 4 door sedan.

58 edsels at carlisle Klinger Edsel



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Roy Brown Jr., Chief Designer of the Edsel dies at 96
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