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Dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Edsel automobile.  The club, with members all walks of life all over the world, is a resource for the Edsel enthusiast - from our local chapters and home-town events to national publications and annual Edsel convention.  The EOC offers a source of parts, advice, and history to keep your Edsel on the road for years to come!

Page updates as of 02/16

The 47th Edsel Owners Club Annual Convention in Sacramento, CA is now history.  Edsel enthusiasts starting arriving at the Lion’s Gate Hotel and Conference Center on Wednesday, Aug 5th.......Jim and Yvonne Koch arranged two different day tours to their Edsel Farm - 100 Edsels!......Thursday was a Bus tour to San Francisco, with EOC Western Regional Governor Michael Cowles narrating the trip.....everyone enjoyed the tour.  That evening the club fed everyone pizza, salads, and desserts......Friday started out with car judging, followed by lunch for everyone in the McClellan House, followed by the general membership meeting, then the parts auction followed in the evening......Saturday several Edselcade tours went different directions.....with visits to Old Sacramento, Art Museums, and others.......Saturday evening was the Awards Banquet, decorated in the Hawaiian style,  with plenty of food and a fun time for everybody!  Congratulations to all the winners!  (pictures and list of winners coming soon)

Hope to see everyone next year at Salt Lake.




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